Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moved to the Advanced Run Group

September 27 with PDS at TWS

Back on r-comp tires and running CCW direction. This time my best lap was 2'07.6" after carrying more speed into turn 1.

Kermit developed a small misfire after running pretty much out of gas during the last session, I guess I can't trust the gas gauge. After packing up and loaded the car on the trailer, the battery decided to die on me also. This gave ma an excuse to get rid of the factory battery (35lb of weight) and replace it with a light weight one. I went with a Deka ETX9

In preparation for the next track event I replaced the rotor and cap. I drove the car around the block and I couldn't feel any misfires.

October 24 & 25 with PCA at TWS

What a beautiful weekend!. Weather was perfect as promissed by the PCA organizers.

First session out and the misfires were still there, Kermit felt gutless. Since I had with me a new set of Bosch FR8DC+ spark plugs went ahead and replaced them. They sure needed to be replaced anyway, plug #4 had no gap and the other three were done.

Second session out was a fiasco too, the throttle cable came off the throttle body. It was my fault for not double checking it after replacing the plugs. Not a good weekend so far :(

Then third session came and Kermit ran like a champ. I clocked a 2'06.0" lap going the CW direction. I was very happy and I had lots of people coming to me, including instructors, to tell me how fast the car looked at the track. The rest of the weekend went uneventful and I was promoted to the white (advanced) group.

PCA October 24 @ TWS CW from Edison Rincon on Vimeo.

November 22 with PDS at TWS

Back to CCW direction and I was set to improve my lap times.

The track was a bit wet during the first session, but it dried out before second one. Right away I clocked my best lap, 2'04.9". My Racepak G2X has proven invaluable so far, it has helped me shave almost 5 seconds since I installed it.

It was a fun weekend for sure, and I got to play with two of my instructor friends (AC and Hasta). I was also moved the white (advanced) group.