Thursday, September 25, 2008

Last Project Before Hitting the Track

Tonight I just finished my last two projects: camera mount and strapping the passenger :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

After Hurricane Ike Update

This is the after Ike update :)

I picked up Kermit from the shop the Tuesday before Ike, went home and parked the car along with the other three VW in preparation for the hurricane. I have a two car garage, but managed to squeeze all three in there.

After Ike I spent the whole week getting the car together. First started with the Ground Control coilovers ..... I couldn't finish the job since I needed a hardened washer between the front spring hat and the strut bearing, to avoid damaging the strut bearing. Then I had to cut the spacer in the rear suspension. Since I couldn't get the suspension done, I moved to the rollcage. One day was spent masking the hole interior, and the next one painting with rust-o-leoum (?) black hammer style spray paint. Here is the final result:

More pictures of the interior finished and harness + seats:

Suspension was also finished, after I was able to go to the local hardware store:

As of now, Kermit's debut is October 4-5 with (TDE); let's see how it goes. My next update will probably be after alignment and corner weighting the car.