Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting ready for NASA August 1 & 2 @ TWS

I managed to cross all the items off the "To Do" list, even new tires!

TrackTime Performance had a killer deal on Toyo RA-1, so I ended up ordering two set of tires. Brake pads were installed, and all the clutch and maintenance intems were replaced.

The Racepak G2X was easy to mount in the car, and I ended up with the display right in front the instrument cluster. I also installed an AMB transponder in preparation for the NASA event.

Finally, I installed the CHE transmission with fresh seals and a Peloquin 80% shim kit (aka Poor's man LSD). The shim kit basically pre-loads the differential even more, increasing the torque difference between wheels at which the differential opens up. I still have a full open differential, it just takes a bit more torque to act as such.

Kermit was finally back together on Sunday, July 18th. Started the car and there was a big oil leak coming from the rear of the oil pan. I had to remove it and use RTV sealer. It worked and I went for a test drive. My first impression was how long I stayed on each gear, thanks to (not really) the CHE box. It's good that Kermit makes over 120whp from 5K to 7K RPM.

Yesterday (July 20th), I went for a longer test drive run. Came home and jacked up Kermit to inspect for oil leaks and such. To my surprise the transmission case was moist with oil. Since the engine and tranny oil were changed, I didn't know where the yellow clear oil came from. After thinking what to do, I decided to remove the transmission to check if the oil was coming from the tranny seal, rear main crank seal or oil pan. It was the oil pan again. VW 8V engines use a ruber oil pan seal that doesn't need any sealers. Applying RTV as I did was just a band-it fix.

New parts were ordered from GermanAutoParts. They are sending a replacement windage tray for free and the full order is free shipping too!!!!! Those guys are awesome.

I was hopping to have Kermit ready for the last weekend of July for a shakedown with the PDS group at TWS, before the NASA weekend. Looks like I'll be spending that weekend working on Kermit.

In another note, I joined my friend Kevin's LeMons team. If I'm done with Kermit by Sunday, I might drive up to TWS and drive the LeMons car (Toyota Tercel) for the first time.