Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Adding Another Track H2R

The plan for March 21-22 didn't go well. While installing the new cam and adjustable cam gear, I made a mistake and timed the engine incorrectly. As you could imagine, Kermit's engine didn't like that. After pulling the head, the damaged was reduced to bent exhaust valves. This allowed me to do the head work I was planning on doing anyway.

On April 5 Kermit and I visited Harris Hill Road (H2R) with the S2000 Club of America. San Marco's premium track is a 1.8-mile, 11-turn asphalt road course. The course is 36-feet wide with over 150 feet of elevation changes and a challenging mix of on and off-camber turns, including the 80-foot rise and drop of Santa Rita (Turn 4, named after the patron saint of the impossible task).

The day started windy, but the sunshine stayed with us for the whole day. The organizer put me in the Red run group, a welcome surprise since it allowed me to take passengers for a ride. This was my wife's first ride in Kermit.

H2R Session 4 - S2K Days from Edison Rincon on Vimeo.

H2R was also the first time for Kermit after some engine upgrades. Here is a list:

- Head milled 0.040"
- 3-angle valve job (stock valves)
- TechtonicsTuning tapered valve guides
- Autotech HD valve springs
- Autotech Ti retainers
- Lightweight cam followers
- 276° TechtonicsTuning mild race cam
- TechtonicsTuning adjustable cam gear
- OBX 4-2-1 exhaust header

The engine now pulls all the way to 7K RPM, when before you could feel it running out of breath after 5.5K RPM. I did notice higher oil temperatures with the increased red line and compression. I'll have to install an oil cooler to solve this problem before ambient temperatures reach 90°F +.

H2R was a handful track. There are no straights per se, so you are always working on the next turn. Track surface was a bit bumpy on some corners, but nothing to really worry about. Run offs looked smooth and gentle to the car.

I found myself getting tired sooner and making mistakes towards the end of the sessions. I was very competitive because of my friends S2000, which equated to a not so smooth driving. I need to go back and work on couple of turns applying the "smooth in, fast out" principle.

At the end of the day I had tons of fun and found another track that suits Kermit very well.

I miss TWS and Kermit hasn't been there since the transmission and engine upgrade. The plan is to go back in May 2-3 with the LSR Porsche Club.